Top Elements That Affect Your Roof Lifespan

Our clients often ask about how long a roof lasts. Well, it varies on several factors. The first and most important factor is which roofing company in Hampton, New Hampshire. Their workmanship, equipment, materials, and other aspects decide the life of the roofs they install.

Let’s understand these and other factors in detail.

Roof Materials

Your contractor might present different material options to you. The most common option is an asphalt shingle roof, which can last for up to three decades. Other long-lasting materials include EPDM rubber and metal. Metals, specifically, can last for more than 50 years and are energy efficient. Avoid using wood, as it doesn’t last for even two decades.


As discussed above, artistry plays a crucial in deciding the age of the roof. Many new contractors make installation defects that lead to early deterioration and premature replacements. To ensure this doesn’t happen with you, get the references of their previous clients.

Exposure to sun

Long-term exposure to the sun results in wear and tear on your roof. The issue is more prevalent with dark-color painted ceilings—as a dark color absorbs more heat.

This is why many homeowners not only choose light-colored ceilings. It is also a common practice to apply coatings to improve UV resistance. When looking for roofing contractors in Hampton, New Hampshire, hire the ones who offer UV-resistant materials.


Due to extreme weather conditions, the ability of a roof to withstand damage is reduced. No wonder many homeowners keep this factor in when selecting a material for their roof. Discuss the weather conditions with your roofing contractor if they are outside of your city. We would suggest you hire someone from New Hampshire—as they will be aware of local weather better.

Water Accumulation

If not fixed on time, water accumulation deteriorates the condition of the roof. Mold starts to grow, leakage starts happening, and the roof starts rotting in such scenarios. The roofs can collapse in the most severe scenarios. It is, therefore, crucial to keep the roof drainage system in mind when installing a roof. We hope keeping these factors in mind will ensure your roof lasts for a longer duration than you have thought of. Trust the team of Seacoast Roofing & Exteriors if you are looking for roof replacement in Hampton.

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